Adventures #208: Puzzling Penance

The Patreon debacle explained, update on upcoming productions, Greg and Jennifer struggle through talking to each other while working from home and Advent with prayers, puzzles and penance. Poor Ben. Continue reading “Adventures #208: Puzzling Penance”

Adventures #206: Culture Project

Join Greg and Jennifer for a very special and candid discussion with Cristina Barba, current Executive Director of The Culture Project and Jason Shanks, the President of OSV Institute, as we jump right into the negative culture affecting today’s youth and how the Culture Project aims to love them back to lives of virtue.

Adventures #205: A Home Library

In Adventures in Imperfect Living #205 we talk about OSV launching a new podcast, Greg wonders what God wants of him, we move lots of furniture and make a new home library, we bumble through Sam’s long distance birthday and Jennifer goes deep into sin…again.